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Published on April 29th, 2013 | by Daniel

AutoEmotionenTV – those three letters GTI

Since 1976 those three letters stand for more than powerful Compactcars. After driving the Golf 7, now we had the chance to take the brandnew Volkswagen Golf GTI 7 for a spin around south of France. Our favorite configuration is the available Perfomance Package on bord with plus 10 Horses, means 230 now, bigger Breaks and one of a kind front axle differential lock in that class. Handshifted and no Leather are more details about our preferences. The Golf GTI 7 goes around the corners like no Golf ever before. Another reason for that is the progressive steering wheel system, means in most of the narrow corners you can keep the hands on the wheel without gripping it again.  When you take a seat in a Golf, there are no questions to ask. But you get a lot of answers after the first kilometers behind the wheel how a Compactcar should be. Suitable everyday driver, a nasty competitor on the race track and still kind to it´s Passengers.  Doesn´t matter where you take it, with whom or why. To show us some  history, Volkswagen provided us some Laps with the great Golf GTI out of the first generation. Luckily some things will never change – checked pattern on the seats and a Golfball to change gears in the manual version. Of course, it got bigger, costs more and gained weight. Like we did, right? So the Golf is human. 1976 and 2013. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. We love cars with a strong character. Stay tuned for an Interview with somebody very special and don´t miss our german review here.


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