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Published on Januar 10th, 2014 | by Daniel

Why Strietzel Stuck burned his fingers for us – the Interview


Every racedriver wants to be the fastest. Of course, that´s their job. But between stunning fast laps, international series and big sponsorships – at the end of the day there is another thing which separates the men from the boys. Character. That is what makes it special. During our Volkswagen Golf GTI VII drive, we had the chance to chat with Hans-Joachim Stuck about present and past.  For the photo he even burned his fingers for us. He unscrewed the bulbs in the back to get a nicer picture. Enjoy our interview with an outstanding man, not just a racedriver.

Daniel Mikacic : Did you always want to be a racedriver or you did you initially have other plans?

Hans-Joachim Stuck : Since I was six years old it was my goal to become a racedriver. My father infected me with the petrolvirus and since then i was always around tracks and cars. Just once around age fourteen  I had the wish to become a priest. But just for a short time.

DM : Thank god you didn´t. What was your most emotional race in your career?

Hans-Joachim Stuck : It was the loss of my friend and colleague Jo Gartner in Le Mans. After winning 12 hours of Sebring together, besides his crash, it was my first victory in Le Mans. It was so hard trying to focus on the race. That was very emotional.

DM : Sounds more than emotional. What is your favourite car to drive?

Hans-Joachim Stuck : To keep it simple and short –  the Volkswagen Touareg V8 TDI.  A lot of space for my dog, offroad and onroad best choice and a strong, torqueful Diesel-engine.

DM :  What is your own accelerator and Turbo to make things happen?

Hans-Joachim Stuck : My family sometimes tells me that I am more on the run like in the years before. But I am just  addicted to driving and cars. So if I receive a call in the middle of the night, a proposal for a great driving scene with cool cars –  I will  be there.

DM : Here we share something. Tell me, what do you connect with the three letters GTI?

Hans-Joachim Stuck :  It is a statement. With the GTI you are always well dressed. You can take your family for vacation, drive it everyday to work and go for hot laps on the racetrack. During my Formula One times I always had at least one back home, for example the GTI Pirelli .

 DM : Thank you for the spontaneous interview.

Hans- Joachim Stuck : Anytime.

Enjoy our german interview. Our Contributors in China, HKCarWorld . For U.S.A. Motorauthority and Sportznewz welcome you too.

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