InsideEVs' Tesla Model 3: Top Five Likes and Dislikes

The good far outweighs the bad.

I’ve had my Tesla Model 3 for about a year now and driven it 15,000 miles. I’m loving it more and more all the time; it’s really a great car, not just a great electric car. 

A few weeks back I did a post dedicated to my five top likes and was meaning to follow up on it with my five biggest dislikes. However, that’s when Alex Guberman from the YouTube channel E For Electric, asked me if I’d do a video on this very topic. So, rather than writing a dedicated post on the dislikes, I figured it would be better to post the video and then summarize it with the text. 

The Likes

  • Efficiency and performance: It’s amazing that the Model 3 is such a powerful performer, yet can average nearly 5 miles per kWh when driven carefully
  • Autopilot and automatic safety features: While I’m not really a fan of the name “autopilot”, the system works great, and makes long trips so much more relaxing. 
  • TeslaCam and Sentry Mode recordings: Great integration and now that I can immediately view the sentry mode events on the center screen, it’s even better. OTA for the win!
  • Access to Superchargers: While these aren’t “Model 3 specific features” the supercharging network does come with the Model 3 and the charging experience is second to none. 
  • User Interface / OTA updates: I combined the last of my 5 top five likes from my previous post and the one I used in the video. There’s so much to love about the Model 3, I could list 10 things and they’d all be strong features.