Nikola CEO Talks Fuel Cell Trucks, Tesla Supercharger Pricing, Battery Degradation

Trevor Milton addresses the points raised by Riley Penegor and our readers in another LinkedIn article.

Trevor Milton stated he believes Nikola will rule long hauls with its trucks in a LinkedIn article. He also said, at the beginning and the end of that text, that he does not believe FCEVs and BEVs compete. That was not enough to avoid harsh and groundless criticism. Luckily, it also raised an interesting discussion about what he said, based on arguments. Riley Penegor wrote another LinkedIn text, and Milton addressed it at InsideEVs’ request.

You can read Milton’s and Penegor’s articles by clicking on their names. Penegor is an Aerospace Engineering student at Iowa State University, and we used his piece as a source of valid arguments. Milton was kind enough to address them. We’ll summarize the discussion point by point.

Running costs

Milton said Nikola established “PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) on main federal transmission lines” to achieve low hydrogen refueling costs. He also said that the price per kWh in California is $0.26.

Penegor refuted that claiming that the cost per kWh is $0.134, as states. We searched for it, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says it was 0.199 in the Los Angeles area. says California is one of the most expensive states for electricity.