Polestar Warns Buyers It May Only Deliver Its Cars For Free Around NY Or LA

Scott Tolinski got in touch with us and created a Reddit thread about canceling his order.

On April 23, 2020, Polestar told reservations holders that Polestar 2 would cost $59,900 before tax incentives. It also said the car could be bought in all 50 US states. Great news if these reservations holders did not receive a message some days after telling them they could only pick up their cars in New York or Los Angeles. One of them is Scott Tolinski, and he lives in Denver, Colorado. He is now on the verge of giving up his order.

Tolinski sent us a message saying Polestar told him he could only take delivery of his car in New York or Los Angeles. He has apparently sent the same message to other media outlets. We asked him for a copy of this email message, but he still did not get back in touch with us.

Anyway, Tolinski created a very informative Reddit thread on May 6. He started it saying he was very disappointed that only in May 2020 the company was able to tell him about the delivery. Surprisingly, Polestar got in touch with him there to try to get things straight.

Tolinski was joined by other Polestar reservation holders that were more than mad to hear that the deliveries would only be made to their doors for free within a radius of 150 miles from Polestar Spaces. Not precisely at the Polestar Spaces, as Tolinski initially thought due to the way the email was written, according to him.

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On the same day, the company also published a press release trying to address the issues. It reiterated that the cars could “be delivered to any place in the United States.” According to the company, “you will be able to arrange home delivery of your Polestar 2 in conjunction with the closest retailer, although additional charges may apply.”

The first three Polestar Spaces will be opened in LA – two of them – and NY only in “the second half of 2020.” Los Angeles will get two of these showrooms. The closest of these Polestar Spaces to one of the clients on that Reddit thread is 700 miles away.

The company also announced it would open new Polestar Spaces in Texas, Massachusetts (Boston), Colorado (Denver), Washington DC, and Florida. The only issue is that Polestar just says it will do that “in the following months.”

Does that mean the months after the second half of 2020, also known as the last one? If that is the case, we are talking about 2021. Polestar confirmed on the Reddit thread that is the case for the Denver Space.

If Polestar meant to do a scheduled sort of delivery – giving reservation holders within 150 miles from the two Los Angeles Spaces and the ones within that distance from the NY Space – why has Tolinski, in Denver, received a message now and not in 2021? That is when the Denver Polestar Space will open.

We have sent Polestar a list of questions, but the company did not answer until we published this article. Besides the doubts we already shared above, we want to know how many cars the company plans to deliver when it has its first Spaces up and running, and how many Polestar Spaces will be installed until the end of 2020.

The most critical doubt arose after we read the Reddit thread. Polestar Spaces were conceived to be places in which clients would get to know the cars, much like Tesla Stores. Still, why must Tolinski for a Polestar Space to open in Denver to receive his vehicle with no extra costs?

For the record, Tesla is allowed to sell directly to customers in Colorado, with no need for a dealership to make arrangements. That should be the case for Polestar there too, but it apparently is not.

As soon as the company gets back in touch, we will try to clarify these aspects. It is just a pity we may not do it in time to convince reservation holders that got disappointed by the way the first deliveries will be done.

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