Renault Launches ZITY Car Sharing In Paris

It was supposed to be online since March, but you know what happened.

Renault is finally launching its new free-floating, all-electric car-sharing service ZITY in Paris, France, after the coronavirus outbreak forced the company to suspend the launch planned for March. Over the past weeks, the cars were actually used by AP-HP caregivers and Red Cross volunteers.

In total, 500 Renault ZOE will be available for rental, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the center of Paris and Clichy.

To use car-sharing safely, Renault introduced a special health protocol for the Zity teams, which will “systematically proceed to disinfectant (antiviral and antimicrobial solutions) the parts in contact with the users’ hands.” The customers also are recommended to wear a mask, as well as wash their hands before and after each journey.

As usual, access to the service is possible through an app, while the introductory rate is €0.29/minute (no subscription).

Will it fare better than the retired Autolib? Only time will tell, but the start is truly challenging.

Flexible rates adapted to different needs:

  • A service accessible 24/7 in Paris and Clichy;
  • A free subscription validated under 24/48h, without any obligation to subscribe, nor minimum or maximum fixed duration;
  • An introductory rate of €0.29 / minute;
  • Time packages, with fixed rates, for extended use:
    • 24h : €35
    • 48h : €55
    • 72h : €65 
  • Savings packs”: a time credit for regular use *:
    • Pack €30 allowing to benefit from 35€ of credit on the application;
    • Pack €50 or €60 of credit;
    • Pack €80 or €100 of credit
    • Credits purchased are also valid in Madrid (where the service is also reactivated as of May 20th) and in time in other cities where the ZITY offer could be extended.
  • Stand-by fare at a preferential cost of €0.13/minute allows user to keep the rental while making a stop in or outside the ZITY zone.
  • Depending on his or her route, the user is automatically offered the most advantageous rate, both per minute and per package.
  • This electric car-sharing service operates free of charge in Paris on authorised road spaces.

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