Watch Us Install Tesla's Model 3 All-Weather Protection Kit

It’s a pretty simple task, but should Model 3 owners have to pay for it?

We recently reported that Tesla has begun offering two versions of Model 3 “All-Weather Protection Kits” which are designed to mitigate the paint chipping and peeling problems some owners are experiencing. We purchased the Paint Protection Film kit, documented how we installed it in the video above. 

Tesla is offering a choice between a mud flap & splash guard kit and the paint protection film (PPF) kit, which we purchased. Both kits can be ordered from Tesla’s website, and cost $50.00 each. The kits are designed to protect the lower body panels of the Model 3 directly behind the front wheels and the rocker panel and lower fender in front of the rear wheels.

These areas are particularly susceptible to damage from small rocks and pebbles kicked up by the tires as well as road salt & sand in the winter months. Unsurprisingly, Model 3 owners that live areas that have snow and icy road conditions appear to have more of these lower panel paint problems than those that live regions that do not. However, the issue isn’t strictly confined to cold-weather regions, as we’ve previously reported.

In the video, we demonstrate how to install the paint protection film we purchased from Tesla. We explain the area must be properly cleaned and how to mix the film slip solution using water and baby shampoo. It’s a pretty simple process, and just about anyone should be able to install the film in a short period of time.

Paint chips can be seen on the lower rocker panel of this Model 3