XPeng Files Motion To Quash, Responds To Tesla's 'Overreach' – Stop Harassing Us

This is getting ugly.

Xpeng Motors has been quiet regarding the ongoing civil lawsuit filed by Tesla against one of their former employees, Guangzhi Cao, but that silence has ended today. Tesla alleges Cao, before leaving the company, downloaded Tesla’s Autopilot source code so he could bring it with him to Xpeng Motors.

Tesla filed the lawsuit against Cao last March, alleging that the former autonomous driving technology engineer stole the proprietary Autopilot source code. Upon leaving Tesla, Cao went to work for Xpeng, and it’s Tesla’s belief that Cao stole the source code to give to his new employer. Cao admits that he did download Tesla Autopilot source code, but that he deleted it and never provided Xpeng with any of it. 

It’s important to note that Tesla hasn’t initiated litigation against Xpeng Motors or its US subsidiary XMotors, the lawsuit is strictly against Cao. That’s because Tesla has no proof that Xpeng had anything to do with Cao’s theft, or that they ever received any of the stolen autopilot source code. 

Tesla unmistakably relies on distortions and misrepresentations of the record, and forensic sleights of hand…attempting to smear XMotors by association. – XMotors statement

The timeline of events in the Tesla vs Cao case:

  • Tesla filed the civil lawsuit against ex-employee Cao on March 21, 2019
  • In July of 2019, Cao admitted he uploaded Tesla’s source code to his iCloud
  • During the past year, XMotors as a non-party, cooperated and provide a digital image of Cao’s work laptop and his communications
  • Tesla issued the 2nd subpoena on Jan 7, 2020, to XMotors
  • XMotors filed Motion to Quash on Mar 31, 2020   
  • Tesla filed Opposition on April 13th, a few days later the court issued an order asking Tesla to reduce the 25-page content to the normal 15 pages. Tesla re-filled on April 17th.
  • XMotors filled Reply on April 25th.

XPeng’s comparison of how their XPilot system differs from Tesla’s Autopilot:

XMotors self-driving tech compared to Tesla’s