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Published on Februar 16th, 2014 | by Daniel

Got Turbo? Yes, twinturbo. Ciao Ferrari California T

F40 and 288 GTO were the last turbocharged horses at Ferrari. Now the 4,3 L V8 got downsized, at least the engine size and fuel consumption. But to be honest, nobody thinks of fuel consumption, when it comes to the latest from the prancing horse, do you? The new 3,9 L twinturbo engine offers 650 horsepower and an impressive torque of 755 newton meter. To remind you how beautiful going topless can sound, enjoy our drive from last year.


But there are more innovations ahead made by Pininfarina. They had the heavy task to refresh the beauty from the outside. A new diffuser, flanks inspired by the 250 Testarossa are some of them.  As well the interior is refreshed for 2014. These are some first impressions, stay tuned for more. We will meet the California T at Geneva Motor Show for the first touch.





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