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Published on August 28th, 2014 | by Daniel

Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle sneaking around car epicness

Burning the following midnightoil in a nice way can have several reasons. Yes, your first thoughts are the right ones but this time we choose something else. We took the Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle for a spin and surprise surprise, the Muscle drives like it looks. Massive, authoritative and always in the right gear and mood to transform the road into your own dragstrip. The infamous V-Twin gives you the feeling that most of the others bikes you meet on the road are just thin bicycles. Enjoy this short clip, next time we will extend our trip a bit. Two reasons for the short one this time are to pronounce right away. Bad weather conditions and our impatience to reach our destination. Shot 100% using #GoPro

6 0° V-Twin

In the following seconds you will understand, why where on the run to reach our choosen location. To name all these princesses would be an endless list, but the V-Rod felt familiar beside so much power and uniqueness. By the way, we felt the same and still do. Enjoy.

Daniel is proudly dressed by Aeronautica Militare Collezione Privata.

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